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«Stalin's line» is a branch of the "Military-historical Museum of Pskov region", so you can book the tour
by тel. 8-81152-31950.
The Museum complex is located in the village Holmatka, in 5 kilometers from the village Zaharkino Pskov region, approximately 30 minutes of driving from Island. You can get there only by car or rent a minibus.
you can take part in war games - reconstructions. More details here.

In 1939, the Soviets started building the construction of new fortifications in order to close the existing gaps in the defence of the border.
New Ostrovskiy and Sebezhskiy protective areas in the Leningrad military district covered previously unprotected areas on the border with Lithuania between Pskov and Polovskim protective areas.
In Ostrov protective area from 1938 to 1940 was built about 70 bunkers and around 7 kilometers of underground transitions.
Further working in Ostrovsky protective area zone was stopped in connection with the changes of the border of the USSR.

Management of military construction administered all work on the objects. Planning and construction was carried out according to the cards of pre-revolutionary time.

Ostrovsky protective area was 50 km. and the main line of defense up to a depth of 4 km. Ostrovsky protective area was built so that its flanks are maximally protected by natural barriers and it could controll the most convenient areas of occurrence.
The core of the protective area consisted from 15-20 firing points.

The military actions on Ostrovskoy protective area in the first days of July in 1941. conducted by units 118, 181 rifle division wiht the help of machine guns, artillery and education divisions. Here Russian people have detained the 6th German tank division for day.

In July 1944 on the «Stalin's Line» were fighting.
(This material was copied from the information stand of the «Stalin's Line»)

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